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Women Making Career Choices, Taking Risks, and Defining Success on Their Own Terms" (Hardcover & Audiobook) By Janet Hanson. More Than 85 Broads is an essential read for women and men at every stage of their careers and lives. It will surprise you, motivate you, and inspire you to connect with others. Most importantly, it will help you find your own passion, build your own network, and define success on your own terms. Visit the More Than 85 Broads website for more details and excerpts!

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This witty, refreshing book chronicles the dreams, fears and sheer nerve of ambitious women as they learn how to carve their place in the world. A must-read for anyone who strives to succeed. (Hillary Black, Editor in Chief, Tango)
This optimistic, energetic book is the one to send your daughter when she graduates from college--and again 20 years later, when she's rudderless and unhappy in her work and life. All the advice on offer here is leavened with so much wit and practicality that it's irresistable. (More Magazine, April 2006)
WOW!! More Than 85 Broads is smashing, funny, sad, penetrating, revealing and wholly relevant. On behalf of my three daughters who will be facing the working world after 2010, I thank you. Their lives will be immeasurably enriched by the book and the incredible network you've created. (Peter D. Kiernan, former Partner of Goldman Sachs and Chairman of the Christopher Reeve Foundation)