Frequently Asked Questions


Am I eligible to join the network?

85 Broads is a global network of 32,000 trailblazing women who are invested in each other’s professional and personal success. If you have a passion for connecting with other talented women globally, we hope you will apply today.

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Steps to Join

How do I apply to join 85 Broads?

1. Click Join on the main navigation bar of any page.
2. Read through the tabs to find out about different membership options here.
3. Click the tab JOIN NOW!
4. Under the heading Apply For Membership, insert your first name, last name, and valid email address and click Submit.
5. Notes:

a. Many of the answers that you provide will become part of your Profile on the members-only side of the website.
b. You can bookmark the application if you are not able to fill it all out at once.
c. Uploading a resume or photo is optional.
d. Once your membership is approved, you will be able to edit and update any information on your Profile when you log onto the site.

6. Read our Privacy Policy and agree to the Terms of Use.
7. Click Submit Application to complete your application.
8. We will review your application and send a Welcome Email to your email Inbox (allow approximately 1-2 weeks). You can return to the page that you bookmarked to check the status of your application once you have submitted it.

How do I activate my membership?

1. Click on the unique link in the Welcome Email to:

a. Choose your Password
b. Set your Security Question
c. Select your Annual Membership Level
d. Pay by Credit Card

2. Once you have completed this process, your annual membership will begin and you will be able to access the members-only side of the website

If you do not receive an email to activate your membership within a month after applying, please check to see if our message ended up in your spam filter.  If it’s not there, email us at or give us a call at 646-517-1160 so that we can help you activate your account.

Application Issues

I requested an application to join 85 Broads; I lost or never received the email that contained the unique link to my application.  How can I retrieve the unique link to my application?

To retrieve the URL link to your application so you can apply to join 85 Broads, CLICK HERE.

Login and Access Issues

I’ve lost or forgotten my password; how can I retrieve my password?  I do not have access to the email I used to register.

If you’re a member of 85 Broads and do not have access to the email you used to register, CLICK HERE to recover your lost or forgotten password.  You will be asked questions about your membership in order to reset your password.  Once you have successfully reset your password we recommend that you update your profile with a current email address and updated password.

My username and/or password are not working. What should I do?

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, meaning that “MyUsername” is not the same as “myusername”.  Make sure that your “Caps-Lock” button is off.

If it has been a while since your last login (before September ’06), you might need to sign up again.  To see if your username is still on file, visit our automated password recovery and enter the email address with which you signed up.  If the message “Unable to find a valid user” appears, visit our sign up page.

If you’ve verified your membership and are still having problems, our automated password recovery system will email you your password.  Call or email us if you have any difficulty!

I’m already a member, where do I login?

Use the login button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  Or login HERE.

Specific Site Issues

The text on the site is garbled and broken.

Make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser.  We recommend Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox 3 or later.

Users who are behind a corporate “Firewall” may be unable to fully view the website. If you are at work, you may experience this problem; try logging in at home or another location.

You may need to close your browser and reopen it. Still not working?  Clear out the “Cache” section of your browser. See your browser’s “help” section to find out how to clear your “Cache.”

I’m still experiencing technical difficulties or issues not mentioned here. What should I do?

Please send an email to our Technical Support staff so we can assist you at  We’re here to help!

I want to watch a video, but it won’t open/appears choppy. What should I do?

A slow internet connection may cause video or media problems. Make sure you are using the latest media players for your operating systems.  PC users should be using Media Player 10 or 11; Mac users, Apple’s Quicktime 7 or later.

Several videos or animations may use what’s known as “Flash” to display content.  You must have the latest Flash plug-in for your browsers to view these correctly. For more information on Flash, please visit Adobe for download instructions.

I still need help!

If you are still having trouble logging in, please email for further assistance.

Access Levels

How much does it cost to join 85 Broads?

85 Broads offers four levels of membership. Our annual membership level pricing is as follows:

  • Student (Current Undergraduate Students only): US Members $25 USD
  • Visionary (Post-Grads and Young Professionals): US Members $100 USD
  • Investor (Premium Access): $250
  • Power Circle (Exclusive Access): $1000

For more information about these levels of membership, please go to

Membership to 85 Broads used to be complimentary. Why has 85 Broads switched to a subscription-based model?

Over the past decade, funding to build the network and underwrite the 85 Broads team came primarily from private sources. We passionately believe that we’ve created a wonderful resource for our members through our state-of-the-art network platform. Membership fees will allow us to continue to expand our global reach and also provide an important new source of funding for our Chapters and Clubs around the world.

How do you collect payments?

Our preferred method of payment is via credit card (American Express, MasterCard, or Visa), and paying by credit card will expedite access to the site.

Should I become an Investor or Power Circle member?

The Investor and Power Circle membership levels offer exclusive benefits to women who want to showcase their talent and experience through our global network platform in a number of exciting new ways. The Power Circle was inspired by a fabulous group of amazing women in the network who have benefited from, and who passionately believe in, the mission of 85 Broads.

Learn more about Investor level membership.

Learn more about Power Circle membership.

Can I choose to upgrade my membership later?

Yes, you can upgrade your Access Level at any time!  If you are not yet a subscribing member of 85 Broads, you may log in to your account and you will be prompted to select an Access Level and pay by credit card in order to enter the members-only side of the website. If you are already a subscribing member but want to upgrade to Visionary, Investor, or Power Circle access, you can upgrade your membership by going to the Subscription link on the upper right hand side of your Profile page.

How do I gift a membership to 85 Broads to a friend or colleague?

We encourage members and companies to gift memberships to talented women who they believe would benefit from being part of an exclusive network of talented women worldwide. Please email us at

Website Features

What is the Dashboard?

When you first login to the 85 Broads website, you will land on a page called the Dashboard that will serve as your navigation guide for the entire website. From this page you can get to any area on the site, as well as view recent member blogs, new features, news updates and more.

How can I use the 85 Broads platform to promote myself or my organization?

The SPOTLIGHT section of the website offers Investors and Power Circle members a number of tools to highlight their work and accomplishments.  This can include (but is not limited to) a company profile and history, profiles of employees, recent press, information about careers, and ways for 85 Broads members to connect with the organization through a variety of social media.

Been in the media?  Submit news and press that you’ve been featured in or have written!

Written a book?  Investor and Power Circle members are invited to feature their books in our Books and Publications section.  Contact us at with the title, JPG of the book cover, a 1-paragraph blurb, and link to purchase the book on Amazon and we’ll be happy to upload it on our website for you.

How can I use social media to connect with others on the network?

Follow us on Twitter @85Broads and send us a tweet so we can follow you!

“Like” us on Facebook

Join our LinkedIn group.  In order to be approved on LinkedIn you MUST be a subscribing member of 85 Broads.

Blog on or submit an article for consideration to our Forbes blog!  To be considered for the Forbes blog, email with your proposal.

Note: most of these features (with the exception of the blog) require you to have an external account with the provider.

How can I add a blog post to my Profile page?

To add an article, just click the Blogs link on your Profile page.  This will take you to a separate page where you can type a new blog article, cut and paste an article from your external public blog, or edit an existing article.  If you are an Investor or Power Circle member, you can also elect to make your blog featured publicly here.

How do I post comments or participate in online discussions?

Participate in the Chapter Forum or our LinkedIn group.

How can I host a Jam Session?

85 Broads regularly hosts “Jam Sessions,” or webinars on hot topics, featuring our members and partner companies.  Investors and Power Circle members are eligible to conduct Jam Sessions.  To host a Jam Session, you will need a high-speed internet connection, a PC computer, as well as a computer microphone, speakers, or computer headset.  To submit a Jam Session topic for consideration, please email  Members can view recordings of past Jam Sessions.

Can I post an event on the 85 Broads website?

All of our members can post events on our website. Go to the Events Calendar, log in, click the POST AN EVENT button, and upload your information.  Please ensure that events are in line with 85 Broads’s mission and include complete location and RSVP information.  Ongoing exhibits are limited to one date or one notice per month (multi-day conferences are an exception). Non-compliant events will be deleted.

Chapters and Global Network

There isn’t a Chapter in my region. Can I start a new one?

Yes!  We encourage the growth of Chapters in new locations and will be happy to speak with you and provide resources to help you get started.  Please submit your proposal or questions to

Can I become a Chapter Officer?

Please contact one of the current Chapter Leaders through the Chapters section of the website to find out what positions are available.  Each Chapter Officer has a unique job description and you will be requested to approximately 10 hours a month for a two-year term. Detailed job descriptions are available in our Chapter Resource Guides, although the position may vary depending on the Chapter. Being a Chapter Officer entitles you to a free membership subscription at the Investor Level for the duration of your term.

I’ve moved; how can I join the Chapter where I now live?

Simply update your 85 Broads Profile to reflect your new address. Our system will then automatically recognize you as a member of your new local Chapter and send you event invitations that pertain to your new location.

I’m interested in speaking at an 85 Broads event – how can I do that?

Our speakers are women and men who are exceptional leaders and role models in their communities, their businesses, and their non-profit organizations.  Speaking engagements are not paid, but are often extremely popular and fill up quickly!  If you’re a member, please contact your Chapter Leader for specific opportunities. If you’re not a member, please email

Are my personal contact details visible to other members?

85 Broads understands and respects your concerns about privacy. At the same time, we do ask that you provide basic information about yourself in order for you to participate as a full member of 85 Broads. To read our privacy policy, click here.

The responses a prospective member is asked to provide in the application process populates her unique profile and “signature page” on the 85 Broads website; the information will only be viewable by fellow 85 Broads members. Once you are approved as a member of 85 Broads, you can edit any information provided during the application process by editing your 85 Broads profile. You can elect to maintain as detailed a profile as you would like.  The more detail that you provide, the more likely that you are to be found in the database!

If you are a Chapter Leader, you are requested to have a profile picture and email address available and have your name listed on the Chapter page so that other members in your area can get in touch with you.

Can I invite friends (non-members) to 85 Broads events?

Yes! Our events are open to non-members unless explicitly stated that it is a member-only event.