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5 Career Moves To Make - Fox Business Career Accelerator

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, 85 Broads Power Circle member and career expert with SixFigureStart, shares 5 career moves to make to ensure this year is different from the last.


5 Steps to Reclaim Your Credibility After You Screw Up

You blew it. And now you need to regain your credibility so people trust you again. Here’s how.

In this FastCompany article by Gwen Moran, Supriya Desai, Principal of ASC* Advisory Change and Strategy Execution Consulting Firm, offers a few tips on regaining trust and credibility to leaders who have made missteps.

“People generally want to trust their leaders and co-workers,” says Supriya Desai, CEO of ASC Advisory, an Edgewater, N.J., management consulting firm. Here’s how to perform reputation triage after a blunder.

Step One-Own it: Playing the blame game or dodging responsibility is only going to make it worse. Instead, admit your mistake and face up to the consequences. “People want to see you own it. They want to see you say, straight-up, ‘I did it and I regret having done this,’” she says.


The Boreland Group Launches New PR Coaching Division

The Boreland Group Inc., a boutique public relations firm, announced that it has launched a new division of the company, TBG: One-on-One, offering flexible, private public relations coaching for early stage entrepreneurs. small business owners. 85 Broad Member Jennefer Witter is the agency’s CEO/founder.


8 Reasons Angel Investing Fulfills YOUR Dreams While Helping Others

It sucks, but women entrepreneurs have a harder time getting equity financing than men. But, women have powerful tools for helping other women start and grow high-impact companies. They have their own expertise, influence and money.

Sure, this is a feminist issue, but it’s also an economic one. If women entrepreneurs were funded to the same degree as their male counterparts, 6 million jobs would be created in 5 years, according to Babson College.

“Unfortunately, gender bias — as well as racial bias and other forms — are still prevalent,” said Freada Kapor Klein, partner, Kapor Capital and Pipeline Fellowship mentor. “Most biases are unintended and therefore sometimes harder to address. But investors or entrepreneurs or managers who want to mitigate their biases can take steps to do so.”

85 Broads’ Power Circle member Natalia Oberti Noguera and her Pipeline Fellowship Program, a boot camp for women hoping to become angel investors, is prominently featured here in Forbes. This article gives us 8 Reasons to #InvestInWomen.


Be Career Nimble Throughout Your Life

No matter where you are in your lifetime career journey, you need to remember that you always have options and you can design your career trajectory. It’s helps to know where you are before you contemplate where you want to go because what you aspire to do in your 30’s may be entirely different in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s.

Jim Citrin leads Spencer Stuart’s North American CEO Practice and wrote eloquently in his book “Five Patterns of Extraordinary Careers” about three phases of your career: The Promise Phase, Momentum Phase and Harvest Phase.

I serve as Director of Professional Enrichment at Indiana University Alumni Association where we added three more generational stages based on the Citrin model to serve our alumni throughout their professional lives. With approximately 580,000+ alumni globally, my goal is to empower my constituents with age appropriate career resources so they can thrive.

Generational career navigation gives you an opportunity to adjust your professional development strategy based on where you are at any given time of your life.


Made in New York Luxury

New York’s Best Loved Couturiers – Gotham Magazine’s February Issue features 85 Broads member DARA LAMB in it’s article on the best things made in New York.


How To Negotiate Salary - Fox Business

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, 85 Broads Power Circle member and career expert with SixFigureStart, shares tips on how to negotiate salary, including what to do if you’re coming from a longtime employment gap and therefore a salary of $0.


Financial Resolutions Should Include Career Resolutions

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, 85 Broads Power Circle member and career expert with SixFigureStart, shares career tips on a CNBC segment for the PBS Nightly Business Report. While the segment focuses on financial resolutions, it smartly includes career resolutions, as your ability to earn a salary or launch and grow a business is a major financial asset. This makes updating your skills, maintaining your network and promoting your thought leadership smart financial moves. Jump to minute 23:42 for the start of the segment and 24:45 for the career portion specifically.


Should You Come To Work In A Blizzard?

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, 85 Broads Power Circle Member and career expert with SixFigureStart returns to Fox Business Career Accelerator to share 3 factors to consider when deciding to brave a blizzard and come to work.


Taking care of business: Jennefer Witter

Jennefer Witter is taking care of business. Serving as CEO and founder of The Boreland Group, a public relations firm, she was recently named one of the nation’s “10 Most Successful Black CEOs and Entrepreneurs” by Madame Noire magazine.


Blacks in Business Doing Big Things: 10 of Our Most Successful CEOS and Entrepreneurs

When big business America comes to mind, we think of every old moneymaking white face from Donald Trump to Bill Gates. After all, older white men dominating and creating businesses has been the norm in this country for eons. Luckily, though slowly, the business world has started to change, drawing women and minorities into the fold. The Fortune 500s are beginning to mention more Latinos, Asians and blacks as its CEOs, executives, and head advisors. Latinos, Asians and blacks are also making strides when it comes to creating and broadcasting businesses. With that in mind, it’s time that we give nods to some African-American CEOs and entrepreneurs who’ve been making strides in big businesses while we’ve been none-the-wiser, including 85 Broads member Jennifer Witter.


New Year Career Cleanse

It’s the season for diets, intense exercise regimens and plans to quit unhealthy habits. If the dawn of 2014 has coerced you into extreme new beginnings, I encourage you to start the New Year by being good to yourself, especially as you consider your career future.

Instead of setting unattainable goals that you will most likely abandon by Valentine’s Day, consider your professional future and what you really want out of your career this year.


The Art of Failure and Why It's Good for You

Years ago I was in an interview for a big freelance opportunity and my almost future boss asked me, “What was your biggest professional failure?” The question really freaked me out since I did not want to expose my vulnerable side or my true weaknesses. I was trying to land the job and show him why I would be a rock star hire. I fumbled through the rest of the interview and left feeling deflated and lacking confidence for job that I knew I could do very well.

My professional evolution into a self-confident and empowered career woman has been slow and steady. I can honestly report that I am still a work-in-progress and always will be. That bungled job interview taught me a valuable lesson. The interviewer was trying to see if I had the humility to admit that I failed, the ability to bounce back and learn from my mistakes, and the courage to move forward. I was so stuck in not wanting to expose my flaws that I blew a teachable moment for me and for my almost boss.

Read the rest of Caroline Dowd-Higgins’s article and learn how she navigates potential “failure lessons.”


Who made that GORGEOUS Blue Velvet Coat ??

NYC’s own DARA LAMB designs bespoke costume for Macy’s executive producer to lead the 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®

For the third year in a row, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade executive producer Amy Kule called on New York designer and 85 Broads Power Circle member, Dara Lamb to create a signature, hand-made costume for her to lead the heralded Thanksgiving morning event.

Dara Lamb is one of the only designers who continues to make all of her pieces to order and by hand with artisan tailors in her West 57th street Atelier, preserving the lost art of true American couture.

“It was very important to find the right designer to create a signature look for the official ribbon-cutting and the subsequent two and a half mile march down the Parade route," said Amy Kule, Executive Producer of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Dara’s unwavering eye for design, detail and fit, are coupled with her ability to create a look employing the necessary balance between fashion and showmanship. Wearing an outfit hand-made right here in New York has been the added bonus.”


Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Fox Business Quote ExHale Health CEO Sarah O'Leary

It’s been a great media week for ExHale Health!

85 Broads member and the founder of ExHale Healthcare Advocates(exhalehealth.com), the first national consumer healthcare advocacy of its kind in the country, was featured in an article by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Monday ([everydayhealth.com]), and a piece written by Fox Business News correspondent Donna Fuscaldo on Tuesday.



Navigate a Conference Wisely to Get the Most of Your Professional Development Dollars

Seeking out professional development opportunities is essential for the modern-day career woman. From webinars to continuing education or conferences and workshops, you must stay current and continue to grow in order to remain relevant in a competitive market.

Professional development can also be a retreat for your mind, body and career spirit. It’s a great opportunity to expand your network, get motivated to act on your goals and reignite a career passion that may have lost its luster.

There are a myriad of amazing professional development conferences for women this season, but those large events can be daunting if you don’t know how to get the most from the experience. Here are some tips to help you navigate a conference and enjoy the experience without getting overwhelmed.


Kelly Tousi Named One of Consulting Magazine’s Top Women Leaders in Consulting for 2013

Kelly Tousi, a principal at global consulting firm ZS Associates, was named one of this year’s top 12 women consultants by Consulting® magazine. Kelly was recognized for her expertise and commitment to client service.

Consulting magazine’s “Women Leaders in Consulting” awards identify the country’s leading female consultants in four categories. Kelly was one of 12 winners selected this year from a pool of more than 400 nominations. She was honored for her distinguished commitment to client service and received her award at Consulting magazine’s gala on Nov. 7 at The St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan, N.Y. in front of industry leaders and executives.

Congrats to Kelly!


iThink, Therefore iCan

85 Broads Power Circle Member and 8of9 CEO Mary Kopczynski recently contributed to the Forbes.com blog.

She offers timely advice to lawyers and recent law grads about bridging the gap between the legal field and the financial services industry.

“Dear Lawyers and Recent Law Grads:

This is the financial services industry calling. We need you. Yes, you.

What’s that, you say? You saw a Marquette law grad’s study that there’s just one legal job in New York State for each 2.92 law graduates….."


Tapping The Power of Introverts

I started a new job last month and had the first meeting with the team I supervise over lunch. My team consists of three amazingly smart and productive women, so I was thrilled with the opportunity to get to know them and discuss our professional futures together. Within 60 seconds of arriving at our table, these women announced definitively that they are all Introverts.

Read this piece to see how Caroline Dowd-Higgins honored their work styles so they could collaborate effectively and learn some tips to help you demystify how Introverts function at work.


The Right and Wrong Ways to Quit Your Job

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, 85 Broads Power Circle Member and career expert, weighs in on how to quit gracefully in Kate Rogers’ piece for Fox Business:

[Excerpt]: Thank everyone. It sounds simple, but Caroline Ceniza-Levine, career expert, SixFigureStart®, says many forget how much being humble matters on their way out of a job.

“You never know when you will see these people again,” Ceniza-Levine says. “Even if you don’t feel this way—thank people for being good coworkers, your team for helping you, your bosses for mentoring you. Work out how to make the smoothest transition.”

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