85 Broads Webinar: Showing Your Leadership in MBA Admissions

November 27 2012

In this Jam Session, 85 Broads Power Circle member Betsy Massar, CEO of Master Admissions, will offer aspiring MBA applicants tips for getting into their dream business school.

REGISTER HERE: [85broads.webex.com]

In the one-hour webinar, Harvard Business School graduate and Stanford GSB leadership communications coach Betsy Massar will draw upon her extensive experience working with students who have been accepted into the world’s top schools.

Betsy Massar is the CEO of Master Admissions, and author of 85 Broads’ first published book Admitted: An Interactive Workbook for Getting Into a Top MBA Program, she is an “original” 85 Broad, beginning her business career at Goldman Sachs. She has lived and worked on Wall Street, in Asia and Silicon Valley and has been helping candidates apply to business school since she was in her second year at Harvard. An expert on MBA admissions, she has been quoted in numerous publications such as  US News, Poets & Quants, MBA Podcaster and has a dedicated forum at Wall Street Oasis. She is also an active blogger on 85 Broads.

Betsy will present a step-by-step program for students to lay out their business school campaign, work through the hurdles and opportunities, identify their personal excellence, and position the total application to make it stand out. This Jam Session will not only help you get focused on the entire b-school admissions adventure, but will also help you to think creatively about your life history, where you have shown signs of outstanding personal leadership, and your authentic personal excellence.

The Jam Session is limited to 200 participants. There is no cost for Subscribing Members of 85 Broads to participate.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:00 pm
Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)
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