Skim Coat

August 21 2010

A question I've asked constantly over the last decade is "what are we building, creating, educating?" As in, what is the foundation for our economic growth, economic future?

This morning, I read and watched with interest Umair Haque's "America's Lost Decade(s)" (Harvard Business Review

Umair asks "Is America headed for a lost decade? And is that why I relentlessly propose that the days of industrial age business as usual are numbered? Yes — and no."

The real issue, according to Umair is our economic focus on "thin" value creation. Thin as in meaningless, valueless and artificial. Value that does not lead to job creation, improved wages or shareholder value.

A skim coat of economic value.

As Umair notes, the challenge is to create "thick" value. Value that endures.

Value that answers the "what are we building, creating, educating?".
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