To Be or Not To Be Satisfied

Jen Cohen
February 9 2012


Being satisfied at work is a no-no. Really? In the past week I have spoken to three senior executive women who are actually satisfied with where they are in their careers. Refreshing, right? Here comes the twist: each of them feels that they have to hide their satisfaction, that it would give the wrong impression if they were to “admit" that they have reached their goals and are happy to be exactly...


How to Balance Work and Life

Jen Cohen
February 9 2012


Does work/life balance exist?

I was interviewed about a week ago about  being a working mother and  received the infamous question about work life balance:

How do you juggle it all and have some sense of balance?

I soooo wanted to tell women what we all want to hear.

It is that:

I have found a formula for having it ‘all!’ It is that there IS such a thing called “work life balance.”

But alas… that is...


3 Practical Steps to Influence

Jen Cohen
February 9 2012


Cultivating influence is a practice all leaders must engage in inside of their organizations, communities, and families.

Though these three steps are simple, they are not easy.

They require:

  • Specific Attention
  • Dedicated Time
  • Lot’s of Practice

But when you engage in the right processes that build strong foundations with people, you are cementing relationships and taking the needed steps to lay the ultimate cornerstone of success.

And this is building trust.

Trust is a Big Topic

Here Are Some of the Basics

Build trust...