Wedding Series Part IV: Wedding Related Ideas

August 5 2012


We are excited to present our 3rd Annual Summer Bridal feature, this time a four part series on Wedding Prep, Make Up & Beauty Must-Haves for the 2012 Summer Bride, The Wedding Day, as well as Wedding Related Ideas.  Last week, we discussed The Wedding Day and today we move on to Wedding Related Ideas.

Wedding Themed Guest Book and Photo Album:

Although digital albums are becoming increasingly common, there is something very precious about a Guest Book with handwritten, spontaneous messages and a Photo Album with texture.  We recommend a matching set and are really in love with the White Sands Wedding Collection by C.R. Gibson.  It’s customizable and comes with different initials or ideas for the front cover, or a spot where you can put a photograph of your choice on the cover.  The ivory look and feel is timelessly bridal and there’s something very special in having the matching set.  In addition to the classic photo album and guest book, there is also a matching loose-leaf Memory Photo Album which you can design more like a scrapbook.

Bridal Shower:

If you are a bridesmaid reading this article and wondering what to gift the bride at the bridal shower,Philosophy’s Here Comes the Bride is an absolutely winner.  This is a collection of facial cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo and body emulsion, all packaged in a too-gorgeous-for words manner that is sure to touch the heart of the bride.

If you are a bride reading this article, the gifts you give to your bridal party and loved ones are an opportunity to show them how much you appreciate having them in your life and the role they played in your wedding.

Here are some ideas for special “wow” gifts you can give:

Gift for Maid of Honour:

LUSH Cosmetics’ Happy Feet wins this hands down.  After all the running around the Maid of Honour has done for your special day, treat her to a foot pampering like no other with this at-home spa treatment.  There are four products in the Happy Feet set:  Volcano foot mask which both deodorizes and sloughs off dead skin, all with a tangy papaya and lemon juice infusion; Fair Trade Foot Lotion, which comes in Pepto pink and smells like those shockingly addictive pink mints you’ll find on your great aunt’s coffee table; Sea Salt Scrub pictured on the left is a truly glorified pumice board with exfoliating sea salt and citrus oils; and Geo Phyzz bath bomb, designed to give you an outdoorsy-spa-feel right in the comfort of your own tub. With woodsy ingredients that both uplift your soul and soothe sore muscles (from toes to heels).

Gift for Foreign In-Laws:

If your spouse-to-be comes from a foreign country or his family speaks a different first language, show them love by learning the basics in that tongue with Rosetta Stone.  We tried out their French Levels 1 and 2 and found the process easy, natural and even fun to conquer and command fundamental vocabulary and language structured.  Greeting the loved ones of your loved one in their own language, especially those you are meeting for the first time, will touch their hearts and help build a bridge to a cordial extended family relationship.

Gift for a Little Sister, Best Friend or Someone Looking for Love:

If you have someone in your bridal party who is struggling in her love life, consider gifting her Katherine Woodward Thomas’ Calling in ‘The One’Or, even if you are one of the many single gals reading this bridal feature wondering when your true love will come your way, this could be the book that could change your life.  Calling in ‘The One’ is an intense 7 week program that really digs deeply into your own inner demons, fears and scars that perhaps are preventing you from being fully open to love.  It helps you to start creating your best life to bring in your perfect partner and attract in 7 weeks the love of your life.  Based on the Law of Attraction, this very popular program has actually worked for a fair number of people, assuming you complete it as it is a very dense and laborious process.

Don’t Forget to Thank Your Guests Properly for Their Gifts:

These days, the internet is by far most people’s favourite form of communication; it’s quick, easy, and cheap.  When it comes to wedding thank yous, however, nothing beats personal and posted thank you notes.  This is sadly being forgotten by a lot of brides today and is without a doubt the finishing touch to a wedding.  It’s like making the yummiest cake and forgetting the frosting!

So brides – write heartfelt, personalized notes to your guests thanking them for being a part of your special day.  If you want help in doing this right, a fabulous book is Marilyn Werner’s The Bride’s Thank-You Note Handbook. It even has suggestions for different notes for different gifts!

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