eWallstreeter & 85 Broads create a branded site

September 28 2010

85 Broads recently created a branded site with ewallstreeter.com. eWallstreeter was created by Mitchell Brown, a former colleague and great friend at Goldman Sachs. The site is a financial news curation site, which was voted Favorite Financial Site by CNBC and was picked as one of the Top 50 Financial Sites (coming in at #5) by MBAOnline.

Throughout his Wall Street career, Mitchell was involved in fixed-income securities, foreign exchange, mortgage derivatives, stocks, venture capital and also did recruiting for GS and helped run their Summer Fixed Income MBA Program.

The site posts links to breaking market news, insightful finance blog posts, and important market analysis. Financial links are updated several times per hour with the most pertinent and provocative articles covering the stock market, fixed income markets, economy, Federal Reserve, personal finance, hedge funds, technology, online investing, politics, career opportunities, Wall Street and international markets. Additionally, Mitchell posts career education videos which are of great interest to our members.

Our fab new 85 Broads branded sight can be found at this url: http://ewallstreeter.com/2/85-broads
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